Sifnos, for the travellers

One of the countless little churches of Sifnos.

When the weather is clear in May, we can glimpse from the patio, far to the South, the glittering blue of the sea and the passenger ships sailing to and from Piraeus. 
It wakens the wander-lust in us just looking at them ;] So it's the right time to start planning our summer vacations !!! And for us, the planning part is as much fun as the actual trip.
We will not visit Sifnos this year, but come,let me tell you about "her" (almost all Greek islands have a female name).

The ship is ready to dock in Kamares.

Sifnos belongs to the west Cyclades and to the select group of the not small ,but low profile Greek Islands. It's not spectacular or beloved by the party crowds or the jet set, but wins you over with an eccentric peacefulness. 
Not many foreigners know Sifnos, so it still is an unexplored paradise.

Heronisos.In Greece when we ask for "a table near the sea" this is what we mean :]

It is one of the easy- to- travel -to destinations both by fast ferries and by the regular open ships. It takes 3,5 hours from Athens/Piraeus with the fast one and a bit more than 5 hours with the old-and much cheaper-ships.

The island has 2.500 inhabitants, the best pottery makers in the Aegean,fantastic food and the softest light I' ve ever seen in this part of the world.
Everything is soft in Sifnos, from the small port of Kamares, to the lazy pace of everyday life. Some 10 Km from the port are the twin villages of Apollonia and Artemonas-named after Apollo and his twin sister Artemis.

View of the port,Kamares, from the church of St. Symeon on a hill 490 m high.

Sifnos is unassuming and quite but lacks nothing. 
You want bars and night-life? You've got it. Secluded coves and interesting trekking? You've got it. Fine places to dine? Oh baby,you've got it!! (The legendary Greek chef Tselemendes was born in Sifnos and every cook on the island tries to live up to the tradition!)
You want to stay someplace nice and cheap?You prefer five star luxury? There are rooms ,hotels and a couple of high end resorts to fit any budget.

Contrary to smaller islands like my beloved Anafi there is a lot to see around Sifnos: The old town of Kastro,the island's capital from  ancient times until about 200 years ago, idyllic Heronisos to the north, windmills and more churches than you can visit-around 350 of them! 

An old narrow street in Kastro.
 And a local feline taking an extended nap in the coolness of a roofed passageway.

In short, Sifnos is not for the tourist ,but for the traveller,who will get to learn all her secrets and slowly but surely fall in love.
And it is also strategically placed in the ships' routes ,for some island-hopping, if you feel ready for a change of scenery...


  1. I want to go! I want to go! Is there nothing as nice as sitting in a foreign place with a cup of coffee and watching the people go by, and getting a glimpse of their life?!

    I really like how you do your travel blogs because it makes me feel like I am walking along enjoying the destination. I would love to put Sifnos on my list of places to visit some day, it looks so beautiful and interesting. Also, Steve and I prefer to visit "real" destinations where we have a chance to talk to local people and get a sense of what it's like to live there. Whenever we go to a new place, we always try to get away from the tourist spots because they are full of mindless sheep and money-hungry shop owners. Just like you, we know that a traveler gets to know the place they are visiting much better than a tourist, who only buys junk and trinkets, and stays in the artificial places, never experiencing what it is like to live there.

    Thank you for such a nice virtual trip! :) Now I want to jump on a plane and visit in person, darn it! :D

  2. Πανεμορφη η Σιφνος!

  3. Και με πολύ καλό φαγητό. Οπως λεει και η φίλη μου,η Μαρία,είναι τό μόνο νησί πού ακόμα και οι ταβερνες του λιμανιου έχουν αξιοπρεπές φαγητό ;]