A "NO" day like no other !

It thrills me when something happens for the first time ever!!
It feels like witnessing an important turning point!!
And today,for the first time in more than 60 years,the customary army parade in Thessaloniki has been cancelled!!!

More than 20.000 people booed the President of Greece-who felt insulted and left!
One of the most uplifting sights in years:Anonymus citizens on the officials' seats cheering the marching troops :))

In other major cities-where the students and not the troops march-some parades took place but the youth refused to salute the representatives of the government and the state.
They either turned their faces away from them or raised their fists holding a black ribbon.

ΒΙΝΤΕΟ: Μεγαλειώδης παρέλαση παρά την απαγόρευση της Περιφέρειας στην Σύρο

The only place the students parade took place normaly was in Syros,capital of Cyclades.The parade had been cancelled by the authorities,so... the people staged it themselves and had a wonderful time :)

In Florina city a coffin took part in the students parade!!!

P.S The "No" day is one of the two major national celebration days in Greece. On the 28th of October 1940 Greece answered "No" to an Italian ultimatum to open it's borders to the Axis's troops.
P.S2 A political storm has just hit Athens! This winter will be interesting !
P.S3 A ray of sunshine: One of my favorite songs by Stamatis Kraounakis "With New Wings". It was used in a WWII era tv movie a decade ago.I thank the person who uploaded it.
"The storm will pass,
spring will be here again 
dressed in blue and white
and I will rest in your arms again
under a palm tree 
near the waves"