The story of Kanellos!!

He was born in Exarchia, a rather rebellious neighborhood in the center of Athens.Haunted by students/avant garde artists and frequented by young people for decades,Exarchia is the first spot to "catch the riot fever" in Athens. It has always been like this...even when I was young *sigh.
Kanellos the stray spent his youth leading riots, demonstrations and protests on the side of the students of course.

The students named him Kanellos, which means Cinnamon, like the color of his coat.He was in the thick of clashes and never backed away,even when tear gas was used. I think it all seemed such fun to him he wouldn't miss it for the world.

One day a tear gas grenade hit him and left him paralysed. His human friends took care of him and made him a special two wheel carriage so he could move again. A few years went by,Kanellos was getting old and one morning he... disappeared. What the students found out was that the Dean of the Technical University of Athens-which Kanellos called home- wanted the dog out. So he had him taken to a shelter and was kept in a cage!!!!

There was an instant uprising!! The Dean refused to give Kanellos back. There was a riot!!!
Kanellos was finally released and went back to his friends in the University. He died peacefully from old age in July 2008.
But his legend lives on. There is a Kanellos blog,a Kanellos page in facebook ,tens of dozens of foreign media dedicated stories to the "riot dog" and... since 2009, there is a new "Kanellos" in the streets!!!

The new "riot dog" is called Lucanicos ("Sausage") and for the last two years is leading all major demonstrations in Athens!!
A few minutes ago I saw him in TV among the tear gas smoke...even the riot policemen smile when they see him pass, his tail up to join his buddies!!

Kanellos the stray is buried in the courtyard of the Technical University of Athens in his beloved Exarchia neighborhood!!!

Footage from Kanellos's life and "works" :)


  1. Αν η ρομαντική όψη είναι αυτή του συμπαθούς Κανέλλου η άλλη όψη, δοκιμασμένη συνταγή, πετυχαίνει πάντα το στόχο της είναι αυτή:


    Εὖγε κύριε πρωθυπουργέ, εὖγε κύριε υπουργέ της "προστασίας του πολίτη", είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη με τα πεπραγμένα σας.

  2. Ηταν αναμενόμενο οτι μετα απο 22 ηρεμες μερες θα κατεβαιναν οι προβοκάτορες!
    Εφτιαξαν το καταλληλο σκηνικό- για εντος και εκτος συνόρων "κατανάλωση"-με τον Γιωργάκη να κάνει μια εντελώς θεατράλε επισκεψη στον ΠτΔ ανευ λογου και αιτίας...Οι αγανακτισμένοι θα επιστρέψουν στο Συνταγμα!!!

    I love all animals of the planet, and Kanellos is a myth!!
    He is never dead! He will live forever!!

  4. What a great story!! It sounds like Kanellos led a rich and fulfilling life, surrounded by people that loved and admired him. When he was paralyzed, it would have been so simple to just have him put down, but obviously there were some who were so devoted that they made him a cart to let him get around. Really heart-warming. I'm happy to know that he got to live as a riot dog until his last days. He symbolizes freedom, how cool is that! I love that there's a new Kanallos too! I hope that he keeps out of harm's way!

  5. He lived a happy dog life. He had a territory,a pack of friends and he got to roam free in the city :] In his old age he had care and a home,so yes,he was a happy dog!I hope Ssage ,the new riot dog will live as long as Kanellos.

  6. Hajrá Kanelosz!

  7. Kanellos and Lucanicos are the greatest!!!
    Greetings from Hungary!

  8. They surely are!!
    Greetings to Hungary :)