Eggplants FTW!!/ Έδεσαν οι μελιτζάνες

Εδεσαν οι πρώτες μελιτζάνες!!!!Η μέθοδος "πινελάκι του ρούζ" δούλεψε!!

It worked!!! The "make up" brush method worked!!!
The first eggplants are on their way!
I had to take matters into my own hands and do the happy-bee -dance, but it is an epic win...Let's pray the eggplants reach an edible size!!

It really looks allien though,doesn't it?


  1. Alien or not, lets pray! I am the first in line to taste the eggplants! I will bring my tent later tonight and set it up on your roof garden so that nobody dares take my priority away!

  2. How exciting!!!! I have never grown and eggplant, but yours are just beautiful!! Good luck! And wish us luck with our tomatoes, the season has started off cool and the tomatoes aren't happy about it, but I think things will turn out ok in the end!

  3. Cousin,don't worry!I'll guard the eggplants with my life!!! You will be the first to taste them!!

    Janet,all the luck and my regards to your beautiful tomatoes!
    *sends a huge package of Greek sunshine to Oregon USA!!