Let the dances last!!!

This morning,after reading the news in my little-love it-lap top, I needed something to cheer me up. I mean...give me a break.
 Nothing works for me better than music ;]
So let me see...Something cheerful. An antidote to what's been happening for the last 18 months.
I've had enough of this:

Dyonisis Savopoulos is a famous and popular song maker/singer.
In 1983 he sang this song in a historical, monumental beach party in Vouliagmeni near Athens.
More than 100.000 people in an 8 hours long concert, organized by another songwriter L.Kilaidonis. 

Since then the song became more and more popular.It became the emblematic song for every victory of the Greek National Football/Basketball/Water Polo/Whatever team (because it has the words "to your health national team")
It may sound too patriotic ,but it really is a song about friendships. The meaning of the word "parea" is the people you hang out with,your closest friends,the group of like minded peers.
"Pareas" are making History!!
They have always done so;)

The video is from the original consert,so the sound is not as good as the studio version but I love the scenes of the crowd :)

"Let the dances last
and we will find new haunts in the countryside
until this gathering takes off like an autonomous village!
Up among the planets,
Greeks are building networks with antennas and transmitters,
and "pareas"* are writing history!

George starts
"Are we?Are we not?We are nothing"
 Johnny sings
"if everything is brand new,something will come out"
and while the night is up in flames
here comes young Alkis
to unite old and new blazing trails
with the rock** of our future.
The sky is on fire
winds blow the sparkling embers away
Along the sea shore their mirror images
 are illuminated "pareas".
And either with antiquities
either with orthodoxy
our community is building a new galaxy

Here comes Babis,a bit tipsy!
Lydia is shy because all eyes are on her.
Zoe and Achilles smile at the camera.
Helena,the dancer, leans on Tasos' arms
and  they both sing with their eyes shut:
"To your health national team!!"

It is not the Parliament's fault
it is not our representatives fault
-lonely and faceless men-
the reason of the trouble is that they forgot what they love.
But our love has a name
it has a body and a religion
and a grandfather born in an independent village 
during the Turkish occupation.
So,may God keep us healthy
to always gather and have fun
with winding dances, free flowing like rivers.
Let our gathering strengthen
and unite old and new blazing trails
with the rock** of our future."

*like minded close friends you hang out every day with.
**as in rock music 


  1. Wow, this sounds a lot like the American Woodstock (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodstock_Festival). It was held in 1969 and expressed much emotion about the Vietnam War. Of course this isn't the same as what is going on with Greece right now, but I think it's very interesting how people come together in time of civil unrest (the Vietnam War caused MUCH rioting in the US) and use music concerts as one of their venues to express their feelings. The memory of Woodstock is very strong in the US, esp. with the "hippy" types.

  2. Woodstock!!! I was just 15 at the time and not quite sure what the hippy movement was.But like all teenagers I was soooo impressed. I remember a documentary about Woodstock the dictators prohibited from being shown in Greek cinemas...
    They also forbided a Rolling Stones concert in Athens (may they rot in HEEEEEll)!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. or-even worse-may the burn in S+3D walls of fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh Desi, I just watched the video! Priceless!! The crowd bouncing up and down in the pool and splashing the singer, so funny!! And the dancing pair in swimwear! LOLOLOL!!!!

  5. Hehe!!
    It's the sea not pool :) The band was in a floating platform in the sea lol