Cat dynasty

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In the beginning ,there was just a white kitten....

It started innocently enough with an all white 3 weeks old kitten found abandoned by a a little girl near my home. The little girl could not take the kitten home,she knew I had a dog and a soft spot for animals, so she rang my bell, gave me the poor thing and so the first cat -ever- entered my life. (All this was back in 1992).

Few years later a 4 member family was taking a bundle nap.

Zacharias, in the center, my prince, the most gentle and tender-hearted cat ever , Salome the Siamese, a gift from a relative and their two offsprings HM/Mafia and Sampson.

After the birth of the twins, both them and their parents were spayed/neutered. Sadly,Salome died aged 10 from feline AIDS. Zacharias died a year later aged 13 from cancer.
The twins are now 14 years old.
Merfy's law states that the worse will happen at the wrong time. And so Salome,the sweet sweet little Siamese started giving birth on a summer national holiday. After a couple of hours of labor with no kitten I started to search for any vet still in Athens.
Lucky  me I did find a really good and nice guy and the twins were born by Cesarean.
Me ,my husband and a friend who lives nearby raised them on the bottle,as Salome wasn't able to nurse them with all the stitches.

Her Majesty/Mafia

HM has one blue and one yellow eye and is deaf from birth. This didn't stop her from exploring everything as soon as she was able to walk. Her adventures included falling from the 5th floor...

Samson the Gentle

In stark contrast to his siter,Samson thought long,very long before desiding to exit the nest.
He has  this I'm -scared-but I-don't know-why look in his face all the time.

The family of 4 lived peacefully, until the day Ouzo walked through the door. She was found as a little kitten under a wooden boat in a deserted beach in Lesvos island...sigh*
I couldn't resist and neither could Zacharias. As soon as I brought her home -he fell madly in love. Drama times. Salome withdrew into herself and her children. HM/Mafia sided 100% with her mother. Poor,dear Sampson didn't even notice anything was wrong...he is a bit slow sometimes :)

Ouzo the femme fatale
Ouzo was a beauty and a diva. She could not stomach any other cat around us and made enemies of all the new kittens entering the house. She had the record of surviving falls, 3 times from the 5th floor!

Sadly, Ouzo died in September 2010 from kidney failure. She was 10 years old.

Pipis the unlucky Marine

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  1. Oh Desi, that picture is SO DEAR!!! Such cutie pies! And the story...*sigh* were so kind to take the kitten in, and now, look at the treasures you've had in your life. I am sorry to hear of the passing of Salome and Zach, but how wonderful to have had them so long. :) Thank you for sharing this story, it warms my heart and makes me wish I could give Mafia and Sampson some scritches and hugs!

  2. I love cats too and its great to read the story of your little family. we have just one cat now called Misty, who is about 14 now, we lost her sister Sophie to kidney failure when she was 5, we were all heartbroken as Sophie was such a lovely little cat. I can't imagine being without a cat round the house.

  3. I too am a cat lover I have 5 of my own and rescue the homeless currently there are two kittens and their mom and dad outside..I,ll have them spayed and nutered, feed and shelter them...hense I'm a Motherofall