Meet the pride

How did I, a sworn dog lover all my life,ended up with 5+1 felines sharing my life?
It's a long story that I'll tell you a bit later.
The fact is that for the last 15 years the sky is raining cats on me and my husband and we have gladly accepted our fate :) There have been countless sick or/and dying kittens just outside my front door,inside car engines, in the grass near my office,under ruined boats in islands...and I can;t just avert my gaze and pass them by. After nursing them all back to health, I managed to ....cough...gently persuade all my friends to adopt at least a couple of them.

So, let me make the introductions: Ladies and gents, meet the pride of the 5th floor.

When the weather is not up to the pride leader's standarts,she takes her naps on the sofa .

But when the sun shines on the veranta, Her Majesty (HM) also known as Mafia ,takes a stroll outside 
Her Majesty's twin brother-Sampson-also known as Buddha or Fatty has already taken the best spot for sunbathing

Fidel was resqued from a dogs attack. Unfortunatly one of his back legs had to be amputated.

I found this bundle of...hmmm...joy as a newborn kitten left near the garbage to die.I have to admit he is the love of my life...

Melpomeni,the calico,is second in command after HM and is subtly trying to take over the leadership for the past three years.


  1. YAYYY!!! I figured out how to leave a comment! *snicker* I love the Greek language but it's like hieroglyphics to me! :) I also managed to become a follower because I know where to click!

    Desi, I LOVE your blog!!! I hope that you don't mind...Steve was sitting here and he looked over at one point and exclaimed, "OH! WHO'S THE PRETTY KITTY?!!" So I read your blog to him and showed him all of the pictures too. He loves cats as much as I do and has had even more cats than you in the house at one point in his life! We really enjoyed appreciating all of the pictures and the comments about every cat. Steve wanted me to let you know that he thinks your cats are really beautiful and he thinks your blog is awesome--he loved the template that you picked and thought it went really well with your blog.

    What a warm heart you have to take in all of those cats! I do know what you mean though about not being able to turn a blind eye to an animal. We couldn't do it either when Molly and Mugsy wandered onto our property over a year ago (Mugsy left back in November and hasn't been back...and it's for the best, but we hope and believe he has a new family to spend his life with)

    I was so pleased to see your blog (I love the name too, by the way!) because I really miss having cats and this way I can enjoy them through your stories! It would be so nice to have cats, but we have our parrot and we just can't risk it.

    Thanks again for inviting me to your blog, Desi. It's an honor, and such a treat to take a peek into your world! *hugs* Janet

  2. Oh, and I loved the pictures of your garden and your patio. I look forward to seeing your upcoming posts with promises of stories about food, politics and gardening too! And, after you've been working on your blog and if you ever feel like you want more visitors, I'll be happy to let people know about it! Already, your blog is delightful! :)

  3. Hey Janet!!
    I'm soo glad you visited my blog and thrilled that you like it. You have been the trigger for it tbh :) I have mulled opening a blog for a year now, but it was after reading yours that I picked up my courage and actually did it...so thanks a lot!
    Much respect to Steve, former cat "slave"-he knows the felines graciously allow us lowly humans to live in "their" house and of course serve them...sigh*

  4. *hugs* Yay!!! I'm so glad that you finally mustered the courage to start your own blog...you're a natural! And aren't you happy you did?! I used to write in a journal until I was about 30 or so and I was always frustrated at the slowness of writing in a journal, along with not being able to show pictures of what I was talking about. Blogging is the perfect solution! Isn't it fantastic?! :) Your blog is quickly becoming a favorite destination when I hop on the computer! *hugs*

    *grin* Yes, you and Steve know what it means to be a true cat slave. I've only had one in my childhood, but you've both had many "owners" with you at the same time! :D *sigh*...I do miss having cats...they are so much fun and so interesting. Thanks to you, I am getting a wonderful taste of your cat-filled world! Thank you!!

  5. geitonissa, your felines are awesome once again (PERFECT PICTURES BY KANELLOS, EXCITING TEXT BY... YOU!-BEAUTIFUL HAIR - MINE), where are the neighbours though????????????