A Tribute to Green

Ok.Flowers are spectacular, bright and sooo beautiful. I love them as much as anyone.
But every Spring it's the full-of-energy green of the new leaves that intoxicates me. This morning the sun shone gloriously on them after a couple of cloudy days, so...

The lemon tree is already full of new leaves and buds that will open in a few days. Although the tree is poted-like all my plants-it manages to produce lemons. Like all the trees in the patios and verandas, every 6-7 years I have their roots trimmed and repoted with fresh soil.

I've changed the pomegranate tree's spot. It needs more sun to keep its flowers from droping. 

Firethorn bush. Its beautiful red fruits rippen in Fall and are the "potatoes" of the bird world. During the winter colds, when there is nothing else to eat, they feed on them. 

The leaves of the olive tree have a magnificent silvery grey shine.The little light green buds you see will become big, black, delicious olives in November.

I see you!!

Meet two of a bunch of our everyday visitors. 
They wait till the cats are at a safe distance and then eat the cat pellets. Usually HM gives the predator alarm call to alert the pride but...to her shame... the members of the pride are too lazy -some even too chumby-to go chase stupid birds :)

Plants are such ancient creatures. I have the deepest respect for them. Sometimes I wish I could share their view of the world, their time pace and the vast wisdom -I like to believe -they have.

New bamboo shoots! YES!!

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