Baby Athena

It came as a wonderful surprise when our friends Manos and Olivia had baby Athena. All the rest of our friends either have no children at all or their offsprings are already adults.
Athena, now 14 months old, comes visiting sometimes with mommy and dad.

Which one to grab? Bright, nice little thingies!!

It's red, it's shiny, but what is it for?

Athena is a cat lover from cradle. There are two beautiful felines living with our friends. 
The problem was, our cats have never seen a baby before. I was a little apprehensive, but I'm proud to report they behaved well.

Any idea what this little two-legged creature is?

It is a rare baby, who prefers beet-root salad to fried potatoes. 
Athena is one of them. As you can see,Olivia has no problem feeding her.

French fries? Nah!I don't think so...

Beet-root??? YEA! bring it closer!


Olivia writes and manages an excellent site for young mothers (the site is in Greek)


  1. geitonopoulaaaaaaaaaa... ti nea ti kanete? molis vrisko sindesi mpaino kai se parakoloutho, molis vro kai xrono tha sou steilo kai tis photo... ante kai kalo -ilektroniko- dromo! filia ap ta dio mas sta dio sas. xaxaxa byyyeeeee

  2. Ωρηηηη,γειτονισσα !!!!
    Φιλακια στην γατοαγελη και στα δυο σας.Αναμενω φωτο για αναρτηση. Δωστε Τσακυ στο λαο...Στα blogs,αδερφες μου,στα blogs!

  3. χαχαχαχαχα thnxxxxx Δεσποινιώ!

  4. kalispera kai apo mena....an eisai paliofaliriotisa eisai kai dikia mou geitonisa...ekseretiko to arthraki sou....!!kai fysika katapliktiko mwro h athinoula..!!!

  5. @manos,τι λετε καλε,η χαρα ολη δικια μας. Ευχαριστουμε για το μοντελο :)

    @anonymous,Φαληρο και τα μυαλα στα καγγελα,δεν το συζηταω. Θαλασσιτσα,εστω κι απο καπως πιο μακρυα. Καλωσορισες γειτονισσα η γειτονα.

  6. egw eimai h prwin anonymous...kai egw santa barbara menw...thelw na pw kati an mou epitrepepte gia mano olivia...xoris na tous exw ggnwrisei apo konta alla "parakolouthontas"tous apo to eimai mama kai apo to blog pws eiani dyo ekseretikoi anthropoi kai tous thaumazo...!!!!!kalos sas brika,....

  7. What a cute little bugger! Steve and I are in the same situation: we don't have kids and have very few friends who have kids. They are fun when there is just one or two to enjoy at a time. Steve's sister has twins and now they are 12! They are really fun to chat with. And my oldest brother has a 14 and 9 year old, who I am getting to know. They are so clever and smart! So much fun to enjoy children in small doses, aren't they fascinating!!

  8. We don't have children either. (I would have welcomed them but it didn't happen) We don't feel bad or sad about it, we are perfectly ok the way our lives are :)
    I do love children.Sometimes I feel a sense of sadness when I see them so care free and unaware of how hard life will be in the future.But that's the way things are, so I smile at them and silently wish they will grow to be strong and balanced and cope with any hardships that will come their way.
    I wish it for all the children of the planet...as for Athena, she is already a calm,self-assured,balanced little thing, so I m confident she will grab Life by the horns :)