Epic Fail

Amaryllis flowers in full glory. I planted a single bulb years ago. Each year the bulbs double in number and after a point they go out of control :)

Red is the color of Easter. Deep, blood red. And Easter eggs in my honest opinion should be dyed deep,blood red.
Some prefer all kinds of colors, cute stickers with bunnies etc but they don't do it for me.
Eggs are traditionaly dyed on Good Thursday, to symbolize Jesus's blood, so I thought,for tradition's sake to dye some, using veg dyes of course...

Notice the failed purplish-pinkish red?

Well,they will have to do for tonight's egg-breaking contest, taking place just before the "assault" on the fully ladden table.
It takes years of experience to choose the right egg-you can sometimes judge it's shell thickness by the grain of the color-it takes skill to hold it right and crash your opponent's egg.
I'll keep you informed about the contest's outcome ;P

The person holding the top egg does it the right way. The bottom egg is held wrongly ...it will break...hehe.

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