This is Chios!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow at midnight is The Resurection for Orthodox Christians and as the tradition demands (?) there will be some  war scenes in most church yards around Greece.
The mischievious faithful will use a varity of comercial or homemade fireworks -THAT ARE FORBIDEN-and scare the hell out of " non combatants" like me lol.

But in the island of Chios the custom goes to extremes!!


  1. NEATO!!!! *bounces around in excitement* That looks like great fun! Just make sure to have a fire extinguisher and eye protection and everything should be fine! :D YAYYYY!!!

  2. How menu rockets do they use? I mean the shot when they start to light those is far before dusk and last one is in the middle of night and above all you Greeks build churches like 300 meters one from another.

  3. @Janet...Crazy us Greeks,ain't we, lols

    @Mio...They shoot hundreds,Mio, I dont know exactly how many :) They start to shoot as soon as the priests sings "Christ has risen" at midnight. So maybe the early shots are from a test before the battle.