Zucchini report

Despite the recent cloudy days there already is a zucchini flower ready to open and four more younger ones.
I hope the pot is big enough as I've never tried to raise a zucchini plant before:)


  1. Oh my, you are in for a beautiful flower!! Squash blossoms are very dramatic and gorgeous! I am not on my pc right now or I would post a picture I took some years ago of a squash blossom with a bit of dew on a petal. They are such lovely flowers! And then, they turn into something wonderful to eat! You are in for a lot of fun!!

  2. Its very similar to pumpkin which needs great amount of water. Its leaves by time will be much bigger and cover large space area. So pot should be enough.

    In Serbia people would plant these in some places they dont visit often like village house, because underneath this plant no grass or other plants can flourish, so its a natural way of keeping an field clean of shrubs, wild weed and other invasive plants.

  3. @janet, i can't wait to taste the first squash YEY

    @ Mio,I forgot you're the expert.Will the plant grow out of the pot,like droping and covering the space around?