Lightfooted Spring/ Απ' τα κουμπάκια ανάμεσα

As I was posting about Anafi, I heard on the radio a song I haven't heard for a while. It is a Greek song about Spring and all conquering love.
The music is sad, but the words are not. For me it has the underlying melancholy of Spring and some very wise words.
 So,while learning how to post a video,I chose "Through the gaps of the buttons".

It was composed by Nikos Kypourgos, lyrics by my all time favorite Lina Nikolakopoulou.
 The one and only X.Alexiou sings it. 

I will try to translate the lyrics:

Slowly Love sneaks and wounds you
like a sword
Sweetly it flows in the blood, in a look, in a kiss

You may double-lock your mind
inside a high impregnable castle,
lightfooted like the Spring, Love is fast approaching

You may wear a shirt all buttoned up to your neck,
through the gaps of the little buttons, Love sneaks in


  1. What a beautiful song, Desi! :) Thank you so much for sharing that with me, and translating the lyrics so I could understand. I enjoy music from other countries so it's a treat to hear some that you like from Greece. Lina has a very emotional voice, it's easy to understand what you mean--it does sound very sad, but the words tell a different story. Maybe she is afraid to fall in love because it will make her vulnerable. Ah, how does that quote go..."'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  2. Oh! By the way, I noticed that you changed the language to English! :D I hope that doesn't discourage your non-English speaking friends from visiting! If it does, you can change it back if you're only doing the translation for me--I know where to click for comments so I don't need to know what it says! :) *hugs*

  3. Good Morning from Bucharest!!!!! What a wonderful surprise Desi!!!! I had a quick look and liked very much what I saw. Welcome to the world of blogging!!! More when I return to Athens... Have a wonderful day.

  4. @Janet,I;m so happy you liked the song and the Anafi post:)Blogging turns out to be more technically easy than I thought-and feared.
    Now that I feel more confident about my blog,feel free to tell your friends about it.
    Lord Tennyson was right of course.It's one of the most courageous acts to allow youself to feel vulnerable.
    The mind fears it,bu the heart knows no fear....*omg I sound like my mother* :p

    @panathinaeos!! Hey cousin,thanks for droping by and I' thrilled you liked it :) Your excellent blog has been an ispiration and your cooking a delight!See you in Athens for Easter!!

  5. :D Yes, I very much enjoyed the song, and I told Steve about it too...he's on the road right now but can't wait to hear it when he gets home. He's really happy that you took the plunge and began blogging--you are very interesting to both of us!

    LOL, it's kind of horrifying when we catch ourselves doing something our parents would do...but yet, it's a sign of wisdom as well! :)

    *waves at Panathinaeos* Hi there! I am going to visit your blog to see who Desi's cousin is! :) Please feel free to come see mine too! :D

  6. Paps, what is that instrument that produces so powerful bass?

  7. Don't really know,dear. I hear a flute or clarinette, a violin, a guitar and beats me what else...Oh, and I' m sorry to tell you Nikos Papazoglou, the guy who composed your favorite song, died some days ago...Maybe I ll post it here,but translating the lyrics will be a challenge...oh,wait,I adore challenges :)

  8. I'm really sorry to hear that Papazgolou died. From what I have heard of Hellas music so far, there is no one who else who has ability to touch listener to the center of his soul with simple voice intonation.

    God bless him and may he have eternal glory.