Indignant on Sunday!!/Πάντα την Κυριακή!

This evening in 100 cities all over Europe there was a festive mood and one main slogan:
We are here
We are not stupid
We know who you are
We know what you are up to!

For the 5th evening thousands of Athenians gathered,this time more massively and more organized.

"Let us live or we will tickle you" warns the slogan here ;] 
Hints at the riming of the word with "we will f... you"

And side by side with a green mountza the famous American finger!!!

My husband's favorite T-shirt. Bonobos are the hippies of the ape world,dissipating tensions in their groups by having sex!!!!!

This time there were some Greek flags and some Spanish and Portugese too. There was also a latin band of drums!!!
Uber cool!! Fresh smiling young faces!!Rythm!!!

After a while a group on stilts joined the dancing...

This evening we saw a lot of mothers and fathers with young ones.
No rioting had happened the previous days, no clashing with the police, so everyone felt relaxed.

You know what they say,
it's never too early to start demonstrating

"We are not for sale"

Petra,the female black Labrador, is a seasoned demostrator.
 She has taken part in many protests with her special picket!!!
The picket was forgotten as soon as she spotted a friend...

"You have reduced our salaries by 50%
you have reduced our pensions by 50%
May your days be reduced by 50%"
Woa! We Greeks do get angry sometimes :]

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  1. History in the making!!! Thank you for posting pictures and showing me around the demonstration. Loved the images...the baby...your husband's teeshirt...Petra and her customized demonstration sign...the view of the crowds and the drummers too!

    I hope that something good comes of the demonstrations!!!