First of May/Πρωτομαγιά

Tarcin, the ginger and his best friend Marco, the cat of my friend George,
 enjoying a fine May morning sunshine some years ago.

I tossed and turned last night thinking what to post today. 
It is the First of May!! 
Roses are blooming, there is new green and splashes of flowers everywhere, nature is giving birth to all this beauty... BUT I don't want to just talk about flowers.
 It would make me feel too happy/carefree/let's- go -dance -in- the -fields and yes, a little guilty (stupid me)

Πρωτομαγιά και καλό μήνα:)
Πολύ με βασάνισε το τι να γραψω σήμερα. Να γραψω για λελούδια και στεφάνια; Μού κάνει υπερβολικα τραλλαλα κι ανέμελο...γιατί, πώς να το κάνουμε, ανήκουμε σε μια γενιά πού δεν μπορεί εύκολα να ξεχάσει οσα έμαθε να συνδέει με την Πρωτομαγιά: 
Τα γεγονότα στο Σικαγο το 1886, Πρωτομαγιά 1936 στη Θεσσαλονικη, την εκτέλεση ανημερα Πρωτομαγια των 200 στην Καισαριανή, πορείες, διαδηλώσεις, Αλέκος Παναγούλης και λοιπά.
Θα μου βγει όμως μια θλιψη και ενα παιδιά-σηκωθείτε-να-βγούμε-στούς-δρόμους που δεν μου κάνει για σημερα...και μια που το πολιτικολογώ ελαφρώς το θέμα, η δικιά μας η γενια των πενηνταρηδων, βάρδα μην τα πάρει εντελώς!!
Στο τσάκ είμαστε για το " βαστατε Τουρκοι τ' αλογα!"

The first of May is a politically and emotionally charged day for a lot of people here-mainly for those over 50 like us ;)
 Our generation is the last to get actively politically involved in the years during and after the Greek junta, so for us the 1st of May will always keep the heavy historical burden of the 1886 Chicago strike, the 1944 execution of 200 Greek men by the Nazis etc etc...
BUT I don't want to  get gloomy on a glorious day like this.

What I love to do is open all windows, cuddle near my man and my felines,
enjoy my coffee
and listen to some of the songs that spell May for us :)

Μπαλκονόπορτες ορθάνοιχτες λοιπόν,το αποφασισα, και στο PC να παιζει τραγουδια πού πάντα θα ψιθυρίζουν "Ανοιξη"!!!
(κι αντε τώρα να μεταφράσω το "γαϊτανόφρυδο" στ΄αγγλικά...)

Aprili mou.
 Music and lyrics by M.Theodorakis, first sung by the legendary G.Bithikotsis in 1962*

Oh my blond April and May full of scents
I wonder how my heart can cope
amidst so much love and beauty

The neighborhood is filled with songs and kisses
The girl I love is Lenio
the girl I love is Lenio
...but, I'm keeping it a secret!

My star,my pale star
 a ray of moonlight is your brow, a fine silken thread
and my heart like a small bird is helplessy trapped

My flower,my scented flower,
my rose, I will come to meet your mother, I will meet your mother
and ask for her blessing and the hand of the girl I love.

For some mysterious reason, Tarcin adores all scents, even perfume,shampoo etc...
he goes bonkers with flowers and freshly washed hair...can't pull him out of it.

*The '60s witnessed the first great surge of talent  Greece had seen since the early 1900s'.
 That generation gave birth to dozens of composers,poets,singers,writers,actors,directors etc. 
They blazed new roads in their respective fields and are considered now classic. M.Theodorakis-the composer- is one of the most important of that generation. He is now well over 80.


  1. καλό μήνα να έχουμε, λουλούδια και συναίσθημα να μας γεμίζουν πάντα ρε γαμώτ!!!!!!!!

  2. Καλο μήνα γειτονοπουλα μου γαμωτ,γαμωτ,γαμωτ (για έμφαση)!!!!

  3. *bounces up and down, clapping wildly* YAYYY!!! I loved that song! It was so playful and fun! Thank you for the translation, I love how happy it is, full of the joy of spring! :)

    Oh Tarcin, aren't you a dear! :D Don't you just love having animal companions with wonderful personalities you can enjoy?! While Tarcin enjoys the world of scent, our parrot, Pumpkin, appreciates flavors! I have NEVER met anyone or anything that so appreciates the flavors of something yummy! If she likes it, you can be sure to know all about it! "GRONK! GRONK-GRONK-GRONK!! *PURRRRRRR*!!!" (Translation: OMG THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER EATEN!) She will continue to purr in culinary bliss until she has finished with whatever it is she's enjoying, and Steve and I cannot help giggling in happiness at her exultations! :)

  4. Tarcin is a very special case *sigh He thinks he is a human, since he was about 2 days old when I found him. So, I'm his mommy and nothing can convince him otherwise.
    I suspect cats learn traits and stuff from older ones. When Tarcin was a few months old we left him for two weeks with our friend Manos,baby Atehnas father. His older cat loves to lick the soap bar *double sigh
    Since then Tarcin became a soap bar maniac. The more perfumed the bar the better..*triple sigh
    His passion progressed with the years to include shampoo, conditioners, body lotions,hand creams in short anything perfumed...
    I have to admit he is my favorite-dont tell the others :) I will post his story soon :)

    Pumpkin sounds like such a character!!!!! She is such a little feathered gluton lol.
    Let some say "pet owners "like"to see their pets as having personalities"...we know better ;)))

  5. LOL, Tarcin must have wonderful breath and very clean insides! ROFLMAO! "Honey!! Tarcin's puking up bubbles again!" I look forward to reading his story!

    Yes, Pumpkin is really amazing. To be honest, I am now careful how vocal I am about her because it's had undesirable side-affects. No less than three people have purchased parrots in the past because of how we've gone on and on about what a wonderful companion Pumpkin is, something we never intended, nor desired. So, with my blog, I'm being careful about how exuberant I am about her, but I am looking forward to adding new posts and pictures because she is so cool! :) Oddly enough, parrots and cats share some characteristics which I adore, foremostly, their understanding that we are their servants, put on earth only to do their bidding! :D