Greeks in the Twilight Zone!

It's a habit I had since childhood:My brain always whispers the proper song for every mood.
Lately, the mood here is a cocktail of anger,fear and despair. Our nursery-school-level government took last years some measures that raised unemployment,took economy deeper into recession and in the end failed to deliver what they were supposed to...

Why? Because no Greek politician ever dared-or will ever dare- do what is needed:
1.Put a stop to rampant mismanagement of funds by the all powerful state bureaucracy.
2.Organize this $#@%^& state!!! *pops a piece of chocolate in her mouth to calm down* The Greek state in our lords year of 2011 doesn't even know how many public servants it employs in each Ministry and has no idea what it's assets are (publicly owned buildings,land etc). No one knows for sure which public funds are spend for which purpose. Many public hospitals don't even give an account of their yearly spending (of OUR taxes) !!!
*eats half a chocolate cake*
3.Collect taxes from those-a healthy portion of the population-who don't pay them! Doctors,lawyers,constructors etc who declare just 12.000 euros income a year and have two villas,a luxury boat three Ferrari and 2 million euros in their bank account !
*opens the jar of sweet preserve-Roula's present :]-and scoops the first piece of "pergamonto"

This is what I've been whistling since I woke up...

As I make my second espresso and try to see the bright side of life,the government is getting ready to announce another epic-fail-plan for saving the economy!
Like the last year's plan, this one piles even more taxes on those who loyally pay them anyway ,and of course leaves the tax evaders to happily enjoy what they steal from the rest of us.

Another Greek citizen in the Twilight Zone ...nanananana!!
It really happened last February and the guy is shooting arrows at ze Parliament :D
I have to confess that when ever I reach the edge of depression and desperation I take one more step and....reach the realm of the absurdly surrealistic. 
I cross to ze other zide!The twilight zone! muahahahaha!
Now,everything makes sense! 
Everything is cool and normal!
After all,the view from to top of the cross is absolutely marvellous!


  1. Έτσι μπράβο, με τη διακωμώδηση αφαιρείται κάπως το βάρος της κατάθλιψης που έχουμε περιέλθει όλοι μας, μετατρέπεται το δράμα σε κωμωδία και γίνεται ανεκτό. Εξάλλου το γέλιο είναι φιλοσοφική θεώρηση της ζωής, αμβλύνει τη ζοφερή πραγματικότητα. Χάσαμε το γέλιο μας, χάσαμε τ'αυγά και τα πασχάλια, καιρός να την κάνουμε, κατά τη νεοελληνική έκφραση, από τη ζώνη του λυκόφωτος "το γαρ πολύ της θλίψεως γεννά παραφροσύνην".
    Είναι η ώρα που πίνω καφέ, έρχομαι για κεκάκι σοκολάτας και προσφέρω ως αντί-δωρο φράουλες βιολογικές και αρωματικές.
    Ευχαριστώ που τιμήσατε το περγαμόντο μου!!!!!!

  2. Φράουλες! :] Και κέηκ σοκολάτα και καλή παρέα να λέμε τον πόνο μας και να γελάμε με τα χάλια μας:] Εδώ θα στήσουμε τα ταμπούρια μας να μην περάσει η "ασχήμια,που ενεδρεύει να μας καταβροχθίσει..."
    Μαυρίλα αυτοί,περγαμόντο εμείς!

  3. *whistles along with Desi-kins, "Always look on the bright side of life...dee do dee do dee do dee doo!"*

    I started watching the video and the moment the whistling started, Steve looked over and said, "Hey, I hear whistling...wait...I know that one! *begins whistling and singing along* Please note that he didn't have a clue I was watching this little clip, he figured it out! What a dork. He's still humming. You've created a monster. This is your fault Desi! :D My bet is he'll be humming and whistling this until we go to bed! :D

    Now, on to your post. I couldn't help cackling at your chocolate madness! I do understand your pain though, though the crap that goes on here in the US and California (not so much in Oregon) are enough to make a person flip out! On the stupid side of things, we had the Terminator for our governor, and now he has admitted to having a love child! This is a man who actually thought he could change the laws so he could, as a person not born in this country, run for president of the US?! HELLO? What a nut!

    And then there is our insane, stupid budget problems, the bribery, the unfair tactics, etc, etc...but you know what? No matter what I say, it is much harder for you in Greece because the problems are so much worse. :( I can yell and complain about our stupid government problems, but it really isn't fair for me to compare, is it? *sends boxes of chocolate candies and truffles and cakes and icecream*

  4. Oh, the comfort of a friend's...candies!!cakes! AND truffles!!!OK,nice words are fine,but ze chocolates you send even better ;P
    Monty Python's "Life of Brian"!!!!!! A cult movie in Europe.I loved all their films, but this one was tops :))
    Now,that you've mentioned it I'll go rent it. Haven't watched it for ages.
    About governments...I have finally come to the disheartening conclusion, that the majority of humans,if given an authority post will take advantage of it...*sigh* (i'm not even sure about myself to be honest :p).Authority corrupts so I have no illusions of ever having a decent government.nps :)
    Ancient Greeks used to say: "Authority shows the true character of a person" and I salute their insight.