Red Arrows ! / Αεροβατικά και μια μελιτζάνα!

 Απογευματάκι και πότιζα τα φυτα ,όταν ένας σχηματισμός υπερηχητικών τζετ περασε πανω από το σπίτι.Τα γατιά εξαφανίστηκαν σε κλάσματα τού δευτερολέπτου και ομολογώ ότι η πρώτη μου σκέψη ήταν "ωραία,τώρα θα μας βομβαρδίσουν κιόλας".
Ουχί,δεν ήρθε φαίνεται η ώρα-ακόμα! 
'Ηταν οι περίφημοι Red Arrows, το αεροβατικό σμήνος της Αγγλικής RAF!!! 

Late afternoon I was watering the plants,planing to take a picture of the first eggplant flower, when a group of jets broke the sound barrier over my house (and scared the cats to death!)
It was the Red Arrows group,the elite aerobatic team of the British Royal Air Force!!!

Όπως διάβασα αμέσως μετά στο Διαδίκτυο,έκαναν μία επίδειξη την Κυριακή στην Κρήτη για την επέτειο της Μάχης της Κρήτης και άλλη μια σήμερα στον Φαληρικό όρμο.

As I read a few minutes later,the group gave a show yesterday in Crete for the 70 years of the Battle of Crete and today they had a show in Faleron seafront in honor of the 100th anniversary of Greek Air Force.
Made my day!! 
Thanks guys,you shouldn't have,really :]]

Now,this is what I was supposed to  photograph!! 
The first eggplant flower I have ever seen! This will-hopefully-grow up to be an eggplant ;]
Και ιδού ο πρωταρχικός στόχος της φωτογράφισης:Το πρώτο λουλούδι μελιτζανιάς πού είδα στη ζωή μου!!!
Ελπίζω να γίνει μια ωραία μελιτζάνα όταν μεγαλώσει.

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  1. *claps hands wildly*
    WOW WOW WOW!! Fantastic images!!
    What an exciting event to watch from your patio, and so nice for the Red Arrows to line up perfectly for you to take pictures! :D

    And the eggplant flower...GORGEOUS!!! Very pretty picture too! Hey, keep an eye on the center...if that opens up, I want to see! :D

    Sorry about the kitties being horrified, I don't doubt it! I used to work in downtown San Francisco, and every year in October we have Fleet Week, where the Blue Angels fly around in synchronized performances and put on a show every day. Here is a link to images!

    The only bad thing is that they fly over downtown and it's so incredibly loud the windows in all of the buildings shake as if there's an earthquake. Everyone gets confused, distracted, and irritated...and nobody can see anything inside so it's really not so great. It would be nice if it were Fleet Day instead! And many people say it should be a weekend day so it doesn't disturb everyone trying to work. NOTE! I just looked it up and there have been so many complaints about the noise that they moved the air show to the weekend only...YAYYYYYY!!!!! I really love the air show, but I'm so glad they won't do it during work days...lol...people would get so angry!