A surprise visit! Oh,hai...Pumpkin?

A glorious Spring day!!! Ideal conditions for gardening...and...wait!! Why are all my cats looking at the same spot? Who are you little one?

I'm glad to report, he/she had a very narrow escape from Fidel's claws. I managed to grab the cat midair and the little one flew to the other side of the large balcony and found a safe place on top of the laurel bush.

A quick search in the kitchen uncovered a fresh bag of bird food-there are a lot of feathered visitors to feed during the winter cold-and he/she was so hungry poor thing, that it accepted to eat from a small coffee dish...

After eating for almost 20 minutes and having a lot of fresh water the little one flew away-wise bird-opting not to spend the night in a cat infested veranda! The neighbors informed us that a whole bunch of little ones had escaped from the pet-shop a month ago.
Most of them survived and are now making the neighborhood theirs!

I do hope it will survive, the weather is wonderful and there are a lot of places for it to hide. I really hope to see it again one of these days. There will always be bird food and fresh water in a safe corner for all fugitives :)


  1. Awwwww, Desi, this adorable Lovebird is sooooo cute!!!! What a fantastic experience to have this beautiful bird coming for a visit! I'm so glad the kitties didn't get it, that would have been heart-breaking! Love love love the pictures!! What a photogenic little guy! :) I think that these birds will do just fine. The climate doesn't get too cold, which is the important part, and they will find plenty to eat I think. You'll have to keep me updated if one or more of them stop by again! :D I am enchanted by this post and your pictures! Thank you so much for sending me a note to let me know! Fabulous!!

    And Desi, I'm so happy you have been enjoying my pictures!! "The Tallest Mushroom is also one of my favorites, I'm glad you liked it so much! By the way, did you see "Picture Day"? That one is also a lot of fun! http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfhipchick/7037669309/

    It's so nice to see your blogs again, they are always a delight to read! Hope you're enjoying your spring in grand style, you can sleep in late every day now!! YAY!!! :)

  2. Yours balcony is truly heaven at Earth. For decades I am wishing to have a nest of a swallow at my terrace and only thing I got so far is nest of flying rat [pidgin]. Im very envy at yours paradise.

  3. Hi there, Mio!! :)) I know you love the veranda. I hope you are doing fine!!Give our greetings to your family too <3