A bundle of joy!!/Ο καινουργιος !

It has been the worst summer in years!
A very close beloved relative has been fighting for his life, another one died two weeks ago,family came crushing down-everyone blaming everyone else-and no ray of hope anywhere...
(have you ever noticed that bad things happen all at the same time?)
Then,just after the funeral of my father-in-law,as I was getting back home....yes,you've guessed it...I heard a faint miaow!
This little bundle of fur was trying to crawl from the pavement on the road....and of course I couldn't let it be run over by the next passing car!

Luckily, our home has all the necessary gear for taking care of kittens:) Special kitten powder milk, spray for the fleas,an electric blanket to keep it warm and two very stressed and depressed humans,ready to nurse it back to health.
So,ladies and gentlemen,this is the new member of our feline pride!!

It is remarkable how the presence of a new little life can brighten even the darkest of moods.My husband-going through the hardest times of his life-started to smile again.He delights in taking care of the little one and cant stop laughing when he sees him trying to stand on his little feet and take the first steps.
We reserved the honor of name-giving for our dear relative who was fighting for his life-and sanity-for the last two months. He chose the name Balak,like the football player,just because the little ones head marks are....yes,like a football!!

The members of the cat-clan reacted in a very predictable fashion. The twins, Her Majesty and Sampson-having seen dozens of kittens coming and going-were cool and welcoming. Sampson,also known as Buddha, the most kind hearted of our cats, was the first to smell him,lick him and took him under his protection. 

The three younger ones are not sure what this new creature is and keep their distance, hissing sometimes ,but they will accept him too in time :) Tarcin can't believe his eyes! "Mommy" takes care of someone else!!!He is turning green with envy!!

Little Balak is thriving now. He has been dewormed, he is eating baby food like crazy and is intrepidly exploring the house and the verandas on his little shaky legs-although I don't let him roam too much.He is too small and fragile yet!!
So, a droplet of joy, in the midst of so much pain, anger and frustration!! A smile despite the darkness!! Let's hope there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon...


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa patsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! τελειο, υπεροχο, νιανιανια, γαμωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωτ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kittens miaowing, the sorrow and numbness of death, rays of hope, lights at the end of the tunnel, sickness of a beloved person, fullmoon rising, these are elements of the good part of life, inextricably woven with all the bad stuff. My dear CDP (your new three-letter acronym) your are ALIVE! There is no better proof than your post.


  4. Balak was obviously sent to you just when you needed him! I am sorry to read about all your troubles, but very glad the kitten found his way to your door :):)He is totally gorgeous, and will be a wonderful pet for both you and your husband. Thanks for popping by my page the other day, take care xxxx

  5. DESI!!!!! *leaps on Desi for a big hug* MY FRIEND!!! Oh, look at that baby!!!!!! Steve and I were entranced to see the pictures and read your story together. We are very sorry that your summer has been so full of unhappiness. I have thought of you often and have hoped things were going better than they have been :( We are so glad that you have found this ray of sunshine. Please tell your husband we say hello and give him a hug for us. So sorry for your loss and all the sorrows you are enduring.

    Something else fun to brighten your day...TOMATO HARVEST!! Steve took pictures of some of our tomatoes, and you two will love them!! Enjoy!

    Big hugs...oh how I've missed you!

  6. I thought I had commented on this blog, sorry must have thought I had!! Such a little darling, I am so glad he has found a good home with you :):) Love to you all xxx

    ps. I have awarded your blogspot a Sunshine Award, please pop over to my space to collect it :) x

  7. Thanks for droping by Janet-my best internet friend-and dear Poppy!!!! I;m sooo thrilled to hear from you both!!!
    Little Balak is thriving and Tarcin has finally accepted him and took him under his-rather fat-wing.He is teaching him how to fight and how to be a real fearsome feline ;)
    I'm posting from the tiny island of Kimolos!!!!yes,we are on September vacations here,at last,afte we had wonderful news about my husband's beloved cousin.He is still in an artifisial coma in the intesive care,but he has survived and is expected to be woken up in a few days!!!!YES!!!!!!
    Posting about Kimolos very soon.
    Hugs and love from both of us :))