Sailing to Kimolos/Τσιτσο,το λιμανι φευγει!!

After spending the hot summer months in Athens,we finally embarked on our vacations journey to Kimolos!!!
What a joy to leave the harbor of Piraeus and all the bustle and hustle of traffic and city noise behind us!!

In recent years the journey to the Cyclades is done with new type fast ferries,all luxury,air conditioning etc BUT there isn't a place to sit and enjoy the sea crossing on deck.In fact there is no deck.It feels like traveling on a large airplane to be honest.
So,old,open deck ferry for us and our beloved scooter!!
I can lean against the rail -with an occasional cigarette on my hand (shame on me)-and gaze for hours at the foaming trail of the ship's propellers :)

Can't help remembering a little first-grade poem about the Greek flag:
"My country's flag is blue like the sea
and white like the foam!"

Very few passengers on board,mostly couples -old and young-and of course four legged darlings having a wonderful time. Since the ship is far from full,pets-mostly dogs-can spend the trip outside the special cages. I hate the sight of dogs on deck inside the cages-mandatory when the ship is crowded -and I hate ships where the cages are leaning on the hot hot metal of the chimney.
I often pick up a fight with the captain about it!!!

Some fellow passengers enjoy a little nap in the sun and Rex the German Sheppard is keeping an eye on the luggage ;)

It took us 8 hours on choppy waters to reach Kimolos but who's complaining? Meltemia,the annual strong Northern winds,have been particularly persistent this year and I love the way they stir the Aegean! As we say,they fill the sea with flocks of little white sheep!

The sun is heading to the West and we are getting near our destination.The ship made stops in Serifos,Sifnos,Folegandros and then -leaving the NATURA protected uninhabited island of Polyaegos behind-is heading for Milos and small Kimolos!!!!!


  1. FABULOUS!!! *bounces up and down in excitement for you both* VACATION!!!! So NICE to be able to get away for a few days and recharge your batteries. You two have been through so much this summer, it makes me so relieved and happy to know that you can have some days to just relax, unwind, and breathe in the fresh ocean air and enjoy yourselves. I'm very happy to hear that your husband's cousin is turning the corner towards recovery. Wonderful to have some good news for once, and this will make your lovely vacation even nicer! :)

    I loved this blog entry! I felt like I was along for the ride! Talking about vacations, I will be going to visit my father in San Francisco from Sept. 12-16 (next M-F), and I will be bringing my camera! I'm so excited! Looks like both of us can let our hair down for a few days, YAYYYYY!!!!

    *big hugs* So nice to see more blog entries from you! :)

    Janet (and Steve!)

  2. Καλά να περάσεις! :)

  3. Well i hope you have a great time! the pups and people sure looked happy in your pics!

    Hope you see you lot's more and that you have a great weekend